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Consular Posts and Officially Recognised Bodies

Address 14th floor, United Centre
95 Queensway, Admiralty
Hours of Business Sunday to Thursday
9:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - Closed

Visa Section
Monday to Thursday
9:00 a.m. -- 12:00 noon (Application)
3:00 p.m. -- 4:00 p.m. (Collection)
Friday to Sunday - Closed
Consul-General Antonio A. Morales Tel: 2823 8501 / 9155 4023 (hotline)
Fax: 2866 9885, 2866 8559
Deputy Consul-General Roderico C. Atienza Ditto
Vice Consul Mrs Fatima G. Quintin m Ditto
Vice Consul Robert D. Quintin m Ditto
Vice Consul Paulo V. Saret Ditto
Attaché (Labor) Jalilo O. Dela Torre Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
A16, 16 floor and 18 floor
Mass Mutual Tower
33 Lockhart Road
Tel: 2866 0640 / 5529 1880 (Hotline)
Assistant Attaché (Labor) Miss Ma. Nena G. German Ditto
Assistant Attaché (Labor) Ms Argelica M. Suñga Ditto
(Welfare Officer)
Mrs Judith G. Santos Tel: 3483 0600 / 6345 9324 (hotline)
(Welfare Officer)
Mrs Lorna R. Obedoza Ditto
Attaché (Social Welfare) Miss Elizabeth Lim Dy Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Miss Melanie D. Butic Tel: 2823 8501
Fax: 2866 9885, 2866 8559
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Adora A. Gonzalbo Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Ma. Carolina M. Ingles-Chrans Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Jekelyn A. Esguerra m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Juditha C. Disomimba Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Maria Victoria G. Panganiban m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Lilet T. Babol m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Rochelle C. Fajardo m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Luz M. Iglesias Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Violaflor R. Enerlan-Ancheto m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Florentino D. Granada Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Evangelina R. Tubaña Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Miss Charlene A. Beriana Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Hermogenes G. Cayabyab, Jr. m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Maria Jocel A. Hidalgo Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Ma. Luisa F. Roque m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Leonida G. Longcanaya Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Lew Wesley B. Nuere m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Lorna V. Mojica Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Rene B. Fajardo m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Joel B. Oronan Ditto
Attaché (Cultural) Miss Maria Eloisa C. Abad Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Maria Belen D. Esperanza Ditto
Attaché (Cultural) Jethro Tull M. Dela Cruz m Ditto
Attaché (Political) Mrs Rosanna M. Sumala m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Manely Ma. G. Gomez Ditto

m denotes married with spouse in Hong Kong.