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Consular Posts and Officially Recognised Bodies

Address 14th floor, United Centre
95 Queensway, Admiralty
Hours of Business Sunday to Thursday
9:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday - Closed

Visa Section
Monday to Thursday
9:00 a.m. -- 12:00 noon (Application)
3:00 p.m. -- 4:00 p.m. (Collection)
Friday to Sunday - Closed
Consul-General Antonio A. Morales Tel: 2823 8501 / 9155 4023 (hotline)
Fax: 2866 9885, 2866 8559
Deputy Consul-General Roderico C. Atienza Ditto
Vice Consul Mrs Fatima G. Quintin m Ditto
Vice Consul Robert D. Quintin m Ditto
Vice Consul Paulo V. Saret Ditto
Attaché (Labor) Vacant Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
A16, 16 floor and 18 floor
Mass Mutual Tower
33 Lockhart Road
Tel: 2866 0640 / 5529 1880 (Hotline)
Assistant Attaché (Labor) Miss Ma. Nena G. German Ditto
Assistant Attaché (Labor) Ms Angelica M. Suñga Ditto
(Welfare Officer)
Mrs Virsie B. Tamayao Tel: 3483 0600 / 6345 9324 (hotline)
(Welfare Officer)
Mrs Lorna R. Obedoza Ditto
Attaché (Social Welfare) Miss Elizabeth Lim Dy Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Miss Melanie D. Butic Tel: 2823 8501
Fax: 2866 9885, 2866 8559
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Adora A. Gonzalbo Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Ma. Carolina M. Ingles-Chrans Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Jekelyn A. Esguerra m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Juditha C. Disomimba Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Maria Victoria G. Panganiban m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Lilet T. Babol m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Rochelle C. Fajardo m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Luz M. Iglesias Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Violaflor R. Enerlan-Ancheto m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Florentino D. Granada Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Evangelina R. Tubaña Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Miss Charlene A. Beriana Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Hermogenes G. Cayabyab, Jr. m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Maria Jocel A. Hidalgo Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Ma. Luisa F. Roque m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Leonida G. Longcanaya Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Lew Wesley B. Nuere m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Lorna V. Mojica Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Rene B. Fajardo m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Joel B. Oronan Ditto
Attaché (Cultural) Miss Maria Eloisa C. Abad Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Maria Belen D. Esperanza Ditto
Attaché (Cultural) Jethro Tull M. Dela Cruz m Ditto
Attaché (Administration) Mrs Maria Aurora P. Real m Ditto
Attaché (Consular) Mrs Manely Ma. G. Gomez Ditto

m denotes married with spouse in Hong Kong.