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Nomination for Honours and Awards

Nominations for honours and awards are normally made by bureaux and departments in response to an annual call circular by the Director of Protocol. To widen the trawl of nominations, bureaux and departments are encouraged to seek nominations from non-government organisations under their purview. In addition, nominations received by the Director of Protocol direct from the public will be referred to the relevant bureau or department for processing. Nominations for honours and awards are approved by the Chief Executive on the recommendation of the Honours and Non-official Justices of the Peace Selection Committee (the Selection Committee).

Nominations for the Bravery Awards may be made at any time of the year and as soon as possible after the event, and are considered by the Selection Committee as and when they arise. Bravery awards may be announced in the Honours List or, at an appropriate time separately.

Medals and clasps are awarded to disciplined officers with exemplary character and good conduct who have completed certain years of satisfactory service. Nominations for Long Service Medals for the disciplined services and the ICAC are put forward by the respective heads of the disciplined services to the Chief Executive for approval.