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About the National Emblem

Specifications for the National Emblem

Two bunches of wheat and rice form a round ring. A cogwheel is placed where the wheat and rice stems cross at the base. Red ribbon forms a knot in the centre of the cogwheel. The red ribbon coils up the wheat and rice on the left and right of the cogwheel and hangs down, dividing the cogwheel into an upper and a lower part.

If a vertical straight line is drawn in the centre of the design, the left and right parts are completely symmetrical.

The positions and measurements of the various parts of the design may be enlarged or reduced to the scale of the squared ink line sketch.

If a relief sculpture is made, the height of the various parts may be magnified or lessened to the scale of the sectional drawing.

The national emblem is in red and gold: the wheat and rice, the five stars, Tian'anmen and the cogwheel are in gold, the base of the part within the round ring and the hanging ribbon are in red; the red is the same as the national flag; the gold is pure gold (light and bright).