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About the Regional Flag

Specifications for the Regional Flag

The shape and colour on both sides of the regional flag are identical. The bauhinia design on both sides are identical. At this site, only the specifications for the regional flag with the pole standing on its left are listed below.

The regional flag is in red, which is identical with that of the national flag of the People's Republic of China. The regional flag is rectangular in shape with its length/height ratio being 3 to 2. At the centre of the regional flag is a white 5-petal bauhinia in swaying motion. The diameter of its outer circle is 3/5 of the regional flag's height. The petals are evenly arranged round the central point of the regional flag in a clockwise direction. Each petal bears a red 5-pointed star and a red style. The centre of the bauhinia lies on the central point of the regional flag. The case of the pole is in white. The design of the regional flag is shown below.

Regional Flag